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services plumbing

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Installation Services 93%
Repair Services 99%
Maintenance Services 90%
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CEO Foreword

Born in Pennsylvania. He earned his degree in Construction Science and graduated as the top student of his class. Earlier in his career, he worked as a commercial general contractor in a plumbers company.

As the CEO of Simply Plumbing Services, Anthony is motivated to provide professional work that people expect from a typical company that services plumbing.

services plumbing
Anthony Scalia
CEO & Founder of simply plumbing services
Our Team

People Behind simply plumbing

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Richard Denim


Began his plumbing career in 1998. Richard prides himself on putting customer first and always completing a job the right way, not just the easy way.

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Tim Ferris

Tim enjoys working the plumbing services field because of his solution-oriented mentality and passion for taking a challenging issues and finding the best solution to resolve it.

services plumbing

Ezra Muali


Ezra spent much of his professional career as a plumbing contractor. He brings nearly 30 years of plumbing experience and knowhow to the company that services plumbing and is an invaluable member of the team.

services plumbing

Gerard Butler


Gerard has been working for Simply Plumbing Services for many years. He enjoys the work he does here in cosmetic repairs as well as his role as the head of inventory and is willing to work on anything that needs to get done.

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